Highlanders Bar – Aarhus


Due to current covid-19 restrictions the bar is closed until further notice.

The current situation with corona pas, space restrictions, restrictions on opening hours and the rules for the different compensation schemes simply does not make opening any time soon an option.

We don’t have to pay less rent, less tax, less for our electricity and water, just because we have fewer customers.

There is no compensation for the beer that we have to throw away as its bad or out of date due to a lockdown.

Our expectation and plan is currently that we will be keeping the bar closed for a while longer – when we re-open it will be at a different and larger location…

For now, we are working on a number of other projects…..

Gift cards can be purchase from:

Once we are re-opened we will have lots of event dates available for you to enjoy, dont forget with DuGlemmerDetAldrig & TrueStory gift cards you always have the opportunity to swap them for other experiences and extend their expiry date…

Whilst we are closed, why not order some great craft beers from our great friends over at Craft Beer Pusher – great beers delivered to your door !
enter the coupon code “highlanders” and receive a free beer with your order

Looking for growlers, kegs, coolers to loan over christmas new year – please contact me and I will see if what we can do to help.

If you need to contact us whilst we are closed, you can call or text us at 21 83 21 86




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