Coming Soon – Afternoon Tea at Highlanders

We are bringing this lovely british time of the day to Highlanders, like most ideas in the bar it started as a bit of a joke but it people actually like the idea – so, we will be starting to offer afternoon tea on saturdays from early March (details will be posted here when everything is in place).

There will be a selection of sandwiches cut into triangles (crust removed of course!), a selection of cakes and most importantly a selection of different types of tea and coffee by the pot (or stemple kande in the case of the coffee).

Specialty teas and coffees will be supplied by a local tea & coffee shop, sandwiches and cakes will be from our own kitchen (though we may buy in the odd cake)

So, after a mornings shopping in town, why not drop in for tea (and maybe a sherry) – Saturdays, from 2’o’clock, at Highlanders Bar !