Woodford Reserve & Jack Daniels

When: 5. March, kl. 14:00
Where: Highlanders Bar, Mindebrogade 5, 8000 Aarhus C
Price/Tickets: 200kr per person, http://www.enkelbillet.dk/HighlandersBar

Come and join us for a trip into the world of american whisky, it can be so much more than something to add to your coke !

Woodford Reserve “craft” small batches of both bourbons and rye whiskey’s. Whats the difference between a bourbon and a rye whisky, and whats a kentucky straight bourbon ? This is you oppertunity to find out..

Everyone knows Jack Daniels, who hasnt tried a Jack & Coke at some time – but did you know Jack Daniels have more than 12 different products currently, most of them are much more refined that your regular Jack D.

Our afternoon tasting will take you on a journey around the american south and let you experience what these two brands have to offer