Baby Jools & Jazzaholics

Sunday, 4th September whisky & jazz !

The last day of festuge is a quiet affair, the streets of aarhus empty….

Highlanders are ending Festuge 2016 with an afternoon of jazz, from a band who features an old freind of ours Mike Owen.

We dont normally open on a sunday, and we dont normally have live music, so Sunday, 4th September is a date for the diary.

So, come down and enjoy the last afternoon of festuge in the company of Baby Jools & the Jazzaholics who will treat you to some great music from the likes of King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Kid Ory, George Lewis and some good old New Orleans brass band parade tunes….

There is no cover charge, so come on down and enjoy a whisky and some jazz – or for that matter a beer !