Another Springbank whisky tasting….

Melanie Stranger from Springbank is coming to visit the best whisky bar in Aarhus !!

What else can we do, we figured a Springbank whisky tasting hosted by the lovely Melanie was in order. For those of you who have not been lucky enough to get a ticket to Peter Nielsens Springbank whisky tasting, her is the chance to try some of the current whisky from Springbank.

So, get yourself an early pass from work, and a late pass from her (or him) indoors on Friday, 7th October – the tasting will start at kl. 16.00… there will be just 30 places….


Whisky tasting at Highlanders Bar Aarhus


Whisky Tasting on Friday 7th October, kl. 16:00

Melanie will take us all on a tour around some of the cambletown whiskys finest. We will taste NINE different Cambeltown drams, from the “off the shelf” 10 year olds, to some more interesting single casks reserved for denmark.
Campbeltown Loch 21 år
Campbeltown 46%

Hazelburn 10 år
Campbeltown 46%

Springbank 10 år
Campbeltown 46%

Springbank 13 år Green
Campbeltown 46%

Longrow 18 år
Campbeltown 46%

Springbank 12 år Cask Strength
Campbeltown 54,1%

Springbank 12 år Burgundy Wood
Campbeltown 53,5%

Springbank 17 år Single Cask DK
Campbeltown 52,4%

Springbank 25 år Single Cask DK
The price is just 295kr per person.


If you are unable to purchase your whisky tasting ticket online, please contact us by email or using the contact form here and we will sort it out for you !