More new rums for you to try….

Rum, rum and more rum…

Our good friends from are on the way with another great rum tasting at Highlanders Bar, Aarhus.

www_rombo_dk’s webshop has probably the largest selection of rum available in Denmark. They are one of a number of rum suppliers that we use at Highlanders Bar, and they host 1-2 rum tastings a year at the bar – so you know you are in good hands.

Rombo will introduce you to rum tasting, provide backgrounds and details of the types of rum from colours to flavours and scents.

You will learn a little about each of the rums being tasted, where they come from, how each rum is made and more – rum tastings are fun and informative and you always have the oppertunity to ask questions as the evening progresses.

You will be guided through 8 different rums, all them new since the last time Rombo were at Highlanders. A few of the rums will be just off the boat, so this will be one of the first opportunities to try them.

Rum Tasting, November 19. at 19:30

1. Longueteau VSOP –
2. Ron Relicario –
3. ???? Surprise ???? – sweet rum, but we are keeping it secret for now !
4. Tres Hombres Dominikansk 2016 –
5. St. Nicholas Abbey 12 år –
6. Versailles 2003 (coming soon) –
7. Samaroli 2004 Panama Cask No 5 (arrives in denmark end of september) –
8. Rum Nation Caroni 18 år.

Details can be found both at and on our facebook page.

Tickets can be purchased directly from the site, here:

After the tasting, we encourage you to stay on in the bar where you have the opportunity to enjoy other rums from our selection of around 100 or so different bottles. We also have an extensive range of whisky and around 90-100 different beers.