Need somewhere to put your glasses ?

Heres a great gift idea from one of our favourite local craftsmen, Jesper Goosmann is responsible for the lovely wooden sign about the door to the bar. His latest hand made whisky (or rum) accessory are these beautiful hand made “lightning wood” glass holders.


Each holder has a unique lightning pattern burned into the surface of ash tree. Holders are polished and to preserve the natural look no oil or lacquer have been used. It can be a good idea to rub some whisky or oil into the holder, to give it a darker (and aromatic) finish.

If you would like to get your hands on one of these great creations, you can order them at the bar for a very special price of just 299kr – which includes 2 Glencairn tasting glasses. If you would like to have them sent to you, order from the site below – they are just 349 kr including shipping.

You can see more photos of these glass holders on Jespers website, here

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