Award winning Indian whisky from Paul John & Amrut

Whisky from india

After whisky, driving risky – Himalayan road sign !

Of recent times India has been producing a number of award winning whisky’s, for the last 3 years we have had a number of them available at Highlanders. Just this week we have received a couple so we thought we would share a little about them.

Paul John Single Malt Whisky

Not that we take much note of what Jim Murray has to say here at Highlanders Bar, but in this instance we cant deny the fact the Paul John deserved a mention from him. He was kind enough to give them his “Liquid Gold Award” for 2016.

Paul John whisky comes from the foothills of the Himalays, it is double distilled in locally made copper pots and then matured in American white oak barrels. They are filled at around 63.5% and left to mature. The warmer temperatures around the Goa coast help the maturation process go by more quickly than in colder climates.

You can associate flavors such as subtle hints of spice, marmalade, chocolate, coconut, dry fruit, vanilla and honey with whisky from Paul John.

At Highlanders you will find a couple of different bottles to choose:

“Brilliance” which is a 46%. Brilliance is matured in ex-bourbon casks to give a warm golden/copper finish. It has won a number of gold and silver medals over the last couple of years.

“Peated Single Cask no. 784”, this is bottled at 57,3%. This has a good balance of sweet and peat, which Paul John peat their own barley with peat imported from Scotland. It’s not-chill filtered so retains a lot more of the flavours it developed whilst maturing in ex-bourbon casks.


Not to far from Paul John, you can find the distillery of Amrut. Amrut has been around since around 1948, but its not really until the early 2000’s that we heard much about them in europe. 

On offer at Highlanders, we have Amrut Fusion:

Fusion in the name comes from their use of both Indian and Scottish peated barley. Fusion has been drawing attention since it was introduced in 2009. Its another in the “sweet” and “peat” style of whisky, offering a soft smokey flavour, with the sweetness coming from the barley. Hints of vanilla, and maybe a little sherry along with some spice and something chocolatey and sweet. 


A taste of India…

Why not drop by Highlanders this month and try our “Taste of India” – you get a 2cl taste of each of Paul John Brilliance, Amrut Fusion & Paul John Peated Single Cask no 784. 

Ask at the bar for our specially priced “Taste of India”, available whilst stocks last.