Gin, Gin and more Gin at Highlanders Bar

Gin on the rocks, with a slice and maybe a splash of tonic.

Highlanders Bar Gin Tonic Tasting

Gin & Tonic “testing” at Highlanders

Highlanders is fairly well known as a great place for its selection of whisky, rum and beer – over recent months we have been seeing more and more interest in gin, craft gins, quality gins rather than gins we have come to know all too well over the last few decades.

So, after having taken some time to do a little research (with and without tonic), we have started to expand our range of gin.

For regulars, you will know the story of our “house” gin – The Botanist, for those who don’t, its from one of our favourite whisky distillers Bruichladdich and it has been our go to gin since we opened the bar.

Over the last year or so, a couple of other gins have found their way onto our golden shelves, Monkey 47, which is a drier gin from German, and probably has the largest number of botanicals, following that we added a couple of flavored gins from Edinburgh Gin – the good news our selection is being increased to around 20 different gins !

Harris Gin served with tonic, ice and a slice of pink grapefruitHarris Gin

Harris Gin, another scottish gin, this one is not only a great drink, its working towards supporting a community on a remote isle in the Outer Hebrides – you can read more about Harris Gin on their website here.

Njord from Aarhus

We have also got some locally sourced gin, in fact, its made just round the corner from from the bar by Spirit of Njord. Later in the year we will see if we can get they guys in for a tasting.

England, Europe and further afield

Our range includes a number of gins from the UK – Jensen’s small batch, Sipsmith  VJOP from London, as well as Rokeby’s Half CrownSilent Pool and Pickerings. We have Martin Miller’s which is distilled in England and after a 10 day journey, it is blended with water coming from the fjord’s of Iceland.

From Belgium we have Copperhead,  Citadelle from France (from the same house as our Plantation Rum), Gin Mare from Spain …, Hedgehog from Ron de Jeremy in the US and more…

We have selected a range of tonics to accompany the gins from the likes of Erasmus Bond, who basically invented tonic, and Fever Tree for those who prefer a slightly sweeter tonic, and 1724 which was created to accompany Gin Mare.

We wont be making fancy cocktails, that’s just not us, we will just be offering a range of great gins served in a modern way with lots of ice, a splash of tonic and a garnish.

Gin Tastings

We are offering Gin ( & tonic) tastings gift cards through both DuGlemmerDetAldrig and Smartbox, and needless to say we will also be hosting larger tastings with our suppliers and the various distillers in much the same way we host whisky, rum and beer tastings today.

Tastings will combine both a tasting of the different spirits, across the different styles, as well as a selection of different tonics.

Keep an eye on our facebook page and newsletter for more details.

If you would like to know more about our tastings, feel free to contact us here.