Meet Bøgedal Brew at Highlanders

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Bøgedal Ølsmagning hos Highlanders Bar
Saturday, April 28 at 15:00

It was just last year that I came across Bøgedal whilst searching for small craft breweries in Jylland to feature in our ØJ-DAG (ølentusiasters versions of j-dag) line up. After a visit to the brewery, I was hooked.

Its all done by hand, with little or none of the typical equipment you see in modern breweries. Lifting mash tuns that each stand on a pallet connected at each corner with a hoist and chain, these guys really do WORK at making the beer.

Their bottling process is a mix of manual processes, a label attaching device that looks like it’s an antique, attached almost Macgyver style to newer parts and with alignment done by trial and error – not a computer or sensor in sight.

The brewery has the same draw as a place like Den Gamle By, its like stepping back in time – and here’s me snapping pictures of it all on my high tech smart phone when it feels like I should get out the old wooden box camera to do it justice.

So, after I arranged to pick up a few kegs for our ØJ-dag event, I left the brewery with a few samples and the thoughts of a future event at the bar.

A few months have passed but we have now finally found a date for a beer tasting with Bøgedal Bryggeriet. 

The tasting will be a presentation of many styles of beers, some of the best examples of the work done at the brewery. 

From sour, to IPA, to brown and dark ales, through to stouts – Bøgedal have great examples of many different beers.

Tickets will be on sale shortly and DØE members will be able to claim a 10% discount on the tasting.

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