Oktoberfest ? Nah, we are going the extra mile…


Traditionally, october is the month where we pull on our lederhosen, grab a massive tankard and skål to great (and some not so great) german beers….

Well, in Aarhus, we already have a great german bier bar, and if now is not the time to take a walk up the hill and visit them, well, when is…. time allowing I will drop in and empty a stein or two..

At Highlanders Bar, we like to be different, we like to think outside the box and bring you something special – so this October we have gone the extra mile…. well, few miles… and instead of bringing you a line up of german beer, we found something from a little further south – yes, you got it – we have some great belgian beers for you to try this week.

This years first shipment of freshly kegged Chimay Blue (RateBeer 100/100) just arrived, and we could not see that sitting all by itself – so, we found some Chimay White (tripple) and Chimay Gold  (Doree) to join it. Then, when you thought it was all over, we also have some Rodenbach Vintage (RateBeer 100/100) on tap too.

….and if its all just too good, we have plenty of other fine craft beers on tap, bottles and cans !!

Drop by this week and give them a try !

If you have a DØE membership, flash your card at the bar this THURSDAY and get yourself a small Rodenback Vintage for just 20kr !

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