A Scottish bar, well – not really…

….we just have lots of scotch.

We offer the type of friendly atmosphere that you know from english/scottish pubs both at home and around the world, many off our staff are from scotland & england, whilst others are locals.

No TV’s – No Loud Music – Just Talk.

Highlanders Aarhus is a great place to relax,  with an atmosphere where you can enjoy your drink in the company of friends, and great conversation.

Its a great place to meet business colleagues, somewhere to enjoy getting to know someone on a date, and most of all its a great place to find one of the best selections of quality spirits and beer in town.

We don’t show sports, the bar isn’t filled with tv screens. We keep our background music at a level that will allow you to talk.

There is no minimum age (other than by law, you must be at least 18 years old to drink) – we don’t offer crazy cheap prices, and we don’t have lots of cheap shots.

Quality spirits, quality beer…

We have a selection of more than 200 different whiskies, 100 different rums, around 20-30 different bourbon & rye whisky and have recently introduced around 10 different gins.

Highlands has 22 beer taps which change freqeuently, a hand pulled cask ale tap, and more than 80 different bottled beers. Our beers are selected from all over the world, but we always have a number of british favourites in stock, along side some great craft beers.

Highlanders Aarhus is a no-smoking environment, you are welcome to smoke outside the bar where during the warmer months we have seating – blankets available at the bar (in case it gets a little chilly).

Superb products, fair prices and some really cool staff. Not the last time ill swing around that place for a dram and a pint. 🙂
– Michael B.

Best selection, staff and location one could possibly imagine!
– Christoffer S.

Awesome whisky, great atmosphere, and bad jokes. Highly recommendable. 🙂
– Jens H.

Fantastisk stemning og fantastisk service!
-Lise N.