Beer Tasting at Highlanders

Would you like to know a little more about all the different types of beer, would you like to try something different that your usual pint ? If so, then our beer tasting is something for you.

We can offer tastings for between 2 and 50 persons, and we can host them most days of the week (for larger tastings we will open specially for the event). Though we do not generally start tastings after 20:00.

Although each of our tastings are slightly different, our format is tried and tested over many years. Our tastings are light and entertaining, they are great for social events for companies, for a meetup of old friends, or even as a first date.

Introduction to beer

Our introduction tasting, which is also available through gift cards at DuGlemmerDetAldrig (DGDA), takes you on a journey from the light refreshing pilsner/lager type beers through to a dark stout/porter. With each beer we will tell you a little about how they are made, the ingredients, where they come from as well as other fun or interesting facts. These tastings are meant to be light and fun, if you want to know more just ask….

After our introduction tastings we offer a number of other tastings that we can customize to most needs, whether its a large company event or an evening for beer enthusiasts.

Other beer tastings

For instance, we can offer craft beer only tastings, where we go through some of the most interesting and top rated beers that we have in stock at the time. Whether it is a Mango Milkshake IPA from Omnipollo, or a Rodenbach Alexander, or one of our favourite Brewdog specials (too many of these to mention), from craft pilsner to imperial stouts if you have a theme, let us know.

If you are out to impress your friends, come in and have a chat with us and we can select the beers together giving you plenty of time to study before the event.

– All round tasting
– Brewdog tasting
– Craft beer tasting
– British beers
– Sweet & Sour, Light & Dark

Bachelor Party / Polteråbnd ?

We often put together tastings for polteråbnd / bachelor / bachelorette parties (yes, the girls enjoy our beers too !).

If a beer tasting isn’t your thing, we can also offer whisky tastings, rum tastings, bourbon tastings and gin & tonic tastings – or check out our special events.

Contact us online with details of the number of people, your budget (per person), any time constraints and let us do the rest.

Making an evening of it – how about something to eat ?

If you would like to join us for some food either before or after the tasting, we can offer a variety of different options depending upon the size of the group.

Out of house events

Generally we host our tastings at the bar, though for larger events, we can come to you and host the tasting in your canteen, meeting place or similar. Prices for out of house events vary based on distance, number of participants, number of beers, and what facilities you have. There is a minimum of 12 persons. To discuss you event please contact us, details can be found here.

Your own tasting at home

If you wish to host your own event, and you are just looking for the beers and some advice then we can also help. If you but the beers from us, the advice comes free !