New opening hours & fredagsbar !

Opening Hours

Now that festuge is over, its time to update our opening hours again, and of course, we are open again on sundays.

Tuesday/Tirsdag 16:00 – 23:00
Wednesday/Onsdag 16:00 – 23:00
Thursday/Torsdag 16:00 – 23:00
Friday/Fredag 16:00 – 02:00
Saturday/Lørdag 14:00* – 02:00
Sunday/Søndag 14:00 – 22:00

We are currently working through all the different social media updating these, so if you notice we missed one, feel free to let us know….

Tuesday – Thursday the kitchen will be open from kl. 17, if you want to join us for some food, help us out, and book online !

Friday & Saturdays – we will be introducing some specials onto the menu – from our Chilli Con Carne & Chicken Tikka Masala to “simreret” / stews which will be perfect to keep the cold out as the days get shorter.

Fredagsbar / Friday Bar

Every friday, we shall open a little earlier – and for the first few hours each friday we will have some great special offers for you…

The kitchen will be open from kl. 17.

Sunday Specials

At the begining of each week we clean our beer lines and find new beers to put on tap, and emptying the lines means wasted beer, which is well, a waste ! So each sunday we will have a number of taps that we would like your help to empty – and that means we will have some great prices on these.

We are also hosting a tasting each Sunday at kl. 15 – for more details contact us by email or on facebook …

Brewdog Tap Take Over – Tuesday, 3. Sept


Brewdog Tap Take Over

So after much thought, we have finally got a line up for the taps for this event – there is a good mix of classic Brewdogs, like Elvis Juice, Dead Pony & Hazy Jane, as well as new creations like Sonic Boom, Coffee Caramal, and a show of sours from Brewdog OverWorks with the likes of Merciful Maverick, Brain-Dead Biscotti and a collab with Siren – “Up from the south”.

Highlanders will have more Brewdog on tap than many of their own bars – with one of our biggest tap take overs to date. There will be at least 16 different taps, the full line up is:

Punk IPA
Elvis Juice
Walking Dead Rambling Society
Pulp Fiction V4
Quench Quake
Sonic Boom V1
Hazy Jane
Clockwork Tangerine
Dead Pony Club
Coffee Caramel Curfew
OW Cosmic Crush Tropical
OW Cosmic Crush Raspberry
OW Funk X Punk
OW Merciful Maverick
OW Brain-Dead Biscotti
OW VS Siren: Up from the south

Free Beer

Join us from kl. 17 and grab a free pint of Quench Quake, or take advantage of some of our other Brewdog offers…

Tasting – Craft Beer for the people

Join Brewdog at 19:00 on Tuesday, 3. september – you will have the oppertunity to try 6 different beers. The tasting will be hosted by Brewdog. The price is just 99kr – you can just turn up on the evening.

For more details, check out our facebook event page

Brewdog Specials to take home

After the tasting, there will be an oppertunity to grab 3 cans of BrewDog to take home – for just 99kr …

Summer Opening Hours – from 1. July

Time for holidays, walks on the beach in the sun and more – well, that is what we are all dreaming of !

During the summer months, things are not so busy around town, lots of vacation time for the both myself and our fantastic bar staff. So, during the summer months we will not be open quite as much, and the kitchen will be closed, except for bookings – contact us by email or on facebook.

Depending on events in town and how busy we are generally, there may be some more changes. Keep an eye on facebook for special events, tastings and special beer prices all summer.

Opening hours from 1. July until 31. August

Monday/Mandag CLOSED
Tuesday/Tirsdag 16:00 – 23:00
Wednesday/Onsdag 16:00 – 23:00
Thursday/Torsdag 16:00 – 23:00
Friday/Fredag 16:00 – 02:00
Saturday/Lørdag 14:00– 02:00
Sunday/Søndag CLOSED


anCnoc are coming to visit


Highland whisky distillers anCnoc are coming to visit Highlanders Bar on Wednesday, 19. June. They will be hosting a tasting at kl. 19 where there will be the oppertunity to hear more about their distilling process and to try a number of their whisky’s.

We expect to get a list of the bottles that will be included in the tasting early next week, tickets will be put on sale shortly after.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details.

Rogue TTO, Beer & Spirits

Thursday, 13. June

Join us for an evening with Rogue, as well as some very special news that we have from them, there will be the oppertunity to try both their beers & spirits.

We will have around 12 of their beers on tap, this will include 4-5 of the favourties that you may already know as well as a number of their specials.

Beer Tasting

During the evening, Rogue will be hosting a beer tasting, it will include at least 8 different beers, though we will try and fit in as many as time will allow !


Rogue Spirits

During the evening we will be offering samples from Rogues range of spirits – we are also trying to put together a sperate tasting for the spirits.