The Good

Oh, how we love to hate them !! Cookies are small files that websites create on your device. They contain things like your preferences or your login. They can contain a “session identifier” so the website owner can see which pages you visited, in which order, and how long you spent on the site. This is all quite useful when we are trying to create a good experience for you. Services like Google Analytics are used to collect this information.

the bad

Not every website uses cookies responsibly, this is why there is all this fuss about them. There are things called “Third Party Cookies”. These can be used to make the adverts on one site show you information about a product you recently looked at on another. However nice it can be seeing content that may be relevant to you, they can also tell advertisers a lot more about you than you realize.

For instance, which sites you visit, how often and from this information they gain they can make fairly accurate guesses about your age, location, hobbies, shopping preferences and more. Which are things we maybe don’t want to share, and this is why they can be bad.

So, how do we use cookies on ?

We use cookies to tell us about what you did on our site, which pages you visited, how long you were there, etc. We don’t have any external advertising and we don’t share the information from things like our contact forms with anyone else.

If you are worried about them, turn them off or use your browsers “Incognito” or “Private” browsing mode. When you are finished vising the site, simply close the browser. Any cookies, downloaded (cached) files and images will all be removed by your browser.  The next time you open your browser, nothing is shared as the information was deleted when the browser closed… simple really.

If you have further questions about our use of cookies, please contact us. Details can be found under the menu item “Contact“.

My favourite cookies

For those of you who just want to eat cookies, here is a link to my favourite recipe.

Looking for food pairing ideas, believe it or not, someone has actually tried this and you can read more about it here.