Highlanders Services ?

Highlanders Bar ApS is changing – we are becoming Highlanders Services ApS
The paperwork is filed and we are just waiting for ‘Erhvervsytrelsen’ (the government agency responsible for registration of companies) to update everything.

Why ?
Basically, I am involved in a couple of different things – owning & running a bar is just one of them. As many of you know, my background is in software design & development – and around 75% of my time is now spend contracting for other companies.

What does that mean for us ?
The primary purpose of the Highlanders Services ApS has been updated to reflect the change in the work, owning and operating a bar/restraunt is just one of the services the company provides.

Eventually, the bar & webshop will each be split into seperate companies, and work has already started on setting up another new company that will deal with importing & selling beer.

Any questions, or oppertunities, please get in touch:
Karl Maynard, Owner of Highlanders Services ApS & Highlanders Bar

Highlanders Services ApS
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