Autumn Extreme with Al Jones


Check out the upcoming tasting from Al Jones – “8 Autumn Extreme Drams” on Saturday, September 10. from 14:00

As always, this will be some great whisky and a great afternoon with Al here at Highlanders Bar.


World Whisky Day – 21. May 2016



Highlanders is again participating in World Whisky Day.

World Whisky Day invites everyone to try a dram and celebrate the water of life. Events are taking place all over the globe, recognising all types of whisk(e)y and encouraging everyone to enjoy them responsibly.

A lot of people are put off drinking straight whisky having been offered one by a friend or family member, often they give the new drinker something they themselves and after a nose-full of spirit or the burn from a cheap whisky they are put off.

Whisky has a lot more to offer, and with the right guidance we often find that those initially put off from trying whisky find something they enjoy.

Highlanders is presenting walk-in tastings during the afternoon where you can come along, learn a little about whisky as well as how to get the most from tasting whisk(e)y’s.

Each guest will be presented 3 very different whisky’s in proper tasting glasses and we will show them how to avoid the pitfalls of that initial “sip”. We will explain about adding water or ice, and how each alters the drink, which types of whisky it will benefit and when it will just ruin your drink.

…and if after that we still can’t convince you, then we can find something else from our large selection of rum, bourbon & beers.



SMWS Ambasadors Choice Tasting


Its time for Thomas from the SMWS to drop by with his latest selection of 8 different bottles from the SMWS.

If you like your single cask single malts, then this is an event you should not miss !

Thomas will present 8 different SMWS bottlings of his own choosing, which are:

54.35, “Lovely Jubbly”, 17yo, Refill Hogshead, 55,1%
35.129, “Dans un Auberge en Gascogne”, 27yo, Refill Hogshead, 53,8%
71.40, “Sticky apricot tarts at an Indian market”, 23yo, Refill Butt, 56,3%
58.15, “Gravitas in a glass”, 25yo, Refill Barrel, 56,1%
31.30, “Going Dutch”, 26yo, Refill Hogshead, 48,4%
27.68, “Sea salt and pork crackling”, 18yo, Refill Butt, 52,7%
53.169, Invitation to a beach barbecue, 18yo, Refill Butt, 59,2%
33.133, “Whipped with happiness”, 8yo, 2. Fill Butt, 60,5%

Price: 350kr per person
Only 34 places available.