Whisky tasting at Highlanders

Are you interested in knowing more about whisky ? Would you like to learn about the different types of tastes whisky has ? Or would you just like to try something you would not usually choose ? If so, then our whisky tastings are something for you.

We can organize tastings for between 2 and 50 persons at the bar. Tastings are available most days of the week, the latest start time for a tasting is 20:00.

Introduction to whisky

Our introduction tasting is for those who have little or no knowledge of whisky, we start you off gently and our selection of whisky for these tastings gives you an idea of the different styles and flavors from different areas. Our tasting format has been developed over a number of years. We will help you with everything from how to taste as well as telling you about ice and water, single malts, single cask, filtration and more.

The tastings are kept light and enjoyable, whilst giving you some background to each of the selected whisky’s. If you want to know more, you are welcome to ask our experienced staff.

Our introduction to whisky tasting is available through gift cards at DuGlemmerDetAldrig, where you can join a group event, or if you prefer a private tasting at time of your choosing you can book it directly with us.

Continuing your journey

For those of you who already know something about whisky, or have already tried our introduction tasting, we offer more ‘advanced’ tastings. From our “around scotland” style to cask strength tastings we can put together an experience for most.

With a selection of more than 200 different whisky’s we can put together a tasting for most budgets and interests.